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futuristic negro
Whoa@~!@ Dude he's helluva negron!@~!@
by trix April 29, 2003
A constant syndrome of being bizarre.
Poor Patrick was in a constant state of bizaarism last night.
#bizirizm #bizzirism #bissarism #bizerizm #bizzerizm
by TRiX February 22, 2014
DUD3 SN4PL3K4P H4x0rZ~!@~!@ B4N H15 f4GG07 455~!@~!@!
by trix April 29, 2003
A fat smelly fucktard.
That sulaco is a right fat fucktard.
by trix September 08, 2004
wondertastical - n -
Amazing fucking hotness damn wow wow wow fineness!
Ashley had better be fucking wondertastical wiht all the hate she lay down on dem hoes.
by trix September 21, 2003
an expression with a meaning that ranges from surprise to indifference
"i found a dead monkey in your backyard"
"sweet guy"
by trix November 27, 2004
Radical, something really cool. Can be used in the place of cool, or wicked, or awesome.
That shirt is totally cash!
by trix April 28, 2004
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