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An absolutely worthless person, either a man or woman. Traditionally used to refer only to a worthless female, but this word has come to refer to both sexes.
"I despise that filthy little wretch, and I will destroy him."
by triumvir June 29, 2005
One who is a dork to the maximum possible extent; to be a dork means that one is stupid, foolish, clumsy, or inept. Thus, the 'maximus' variety will be an extremely stupid or foolish idiot.
"Geez, you're a real dorkus maximus to have missed that deadline - now you're unemployed!"
by triumvir November 30, 2005
Of a corrupted or foul nature, characterized by an odor of decomposition or rank curdling.
"He cleans the sink every day with a grodalated old sponge that smells like a cesspool."
by triumvir March 23, 2006
1.) An object or product made with shoddy and/or crude components.
2.) Characterized by faulty or inferior thinking.
3.) Used as an adjective to describe someone or something as overall inferior or wretched.
"John has a crapster computer in his basement that he built using spare parts from a pawn shop."

"You're using completely crapster logic in coming to that conclusion."
by triumvir March 23, 2006

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