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ass clown - with narcissistic features: Someone in a leadership role who can barely keep a grip on normal behavior. This individual, while seemingly capable on the outside, is constantly battling the need to control and feel superior to her subordinates in the workplace; One who needs a great deal of reparative therapy and/or medication.
I don't think I have ever had my conversations eaves dropped on by a more despicable ass clown. Employees are cautioned not do too well or get too much positive attention in this workplace or you will draw the negative attention of this crazy ass clown. How many unhappy and traumatized former employees can one organization produce?
by Traumatized April 22, 2008
A nuclear level of disorganized and disgusting clutter that one might find on a table, a desk or in a messy room. It might include partially opened mail, old half-eaten food, dirty socks, sweaty clothes and general shit people don't pick up.

Alternative definition: an adventure or activity that has gone so colossally wrong, in so many ways and with great intensity, that you can't remember what it was you were trying to do in the first place.
Mom, I'm afraid we've let the living room get to the cluster-fuck-chaos (CFC) level, again. I'll get the shovels, you get the hazmat suits.
Honey, I don't know why we are at the bottom of the ravine, in a car with two flat tires, covered in goat shit or why that indigenous fellow is pointing a spear at us but I think cluster fuck chaos pretty much covers it. Your thoughts?

by Traumatized December 08, 2008
The fear of being unable to sleep, the stress of which, causes difficulty sleeping
It is difficult to know which came first, insomnia, or insomnaphobia.
by traumatized January 10, 2009
The air that escapes when you open a bag of chips, salted snacks or cookies.
The best snackmosphere comes from barbecue chips.
by traumatized July 29, 2009
shit-er-ie (pronounced with emphasis on the last sylable): the whole thing; a collection of circumstances.
I don't have time to tell you how to do it. Just go to the tire store, dial my number, hand the phone to the service guy, and I'll explain the whole shiterie.
by traumatized December 11, 2008

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