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6 definitions by trajikace

sumone whu "leads" a certain group n iz afraid 2 take new challenges n iz too coward 2 take risks
America was led fo 8 long yrs by GWB aka GEORGE WUSS
by trajikace September 19, 2008
when ordinary nerdy online people act gangstas wid slangs
user1: so you think you're tough eh?
user2:yea i tink im a touf kookie dat wunt break.i gangbang all day all nite yo!
user1:yeah rather SLANG BANG!!
by trajikace October 13, 2008
The father of a woman's child.
Johnny is her baby poppa.
by trajikace May 17, 2009
1)male strippers
2)term used 2 refer 2 male homos
dicktease=male strip tease
by trajikace September 19, 2008
an unpopular n n anti-social person whu snitches on the hood in order 2 get a COPPERATIVE CITIZEN MEDAL 2 gain attention fo himself.
look at 50 cent.oops he's a hoodrat bitch nt a hoodrat snitch!!!!!!
by trajikace January 19, 2008
a cool version of sayin friend
ur my best fiend = ur my best fren
by trajikace September 03, 2007