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12 definitions by topamonster

the gretaets band of all time.
immature men in tights
and damn sexy bat commander
mwuhahahahahahahahahahaha the aquabats rule!
by topamonster May 03, 2005
92 20
The single most talented band to come out in the last ten years. cut down in thier prime due to an O.D. even today over ten years later the continue to be played almost daily on the radio.

C.D.s 40 oZ. to Freedom, Robbin Tha Hood, Second-hand Smoke, Bradley Noel & friends: Sublime Acoustic, Stand by Your Van, and last but certainly not least Sublime Self-Titled.
Sublime kicks so much ass, R.I.P. Brad.
by Topamonster January 15, 2006
66 28
1.A dance in wich you spin around in circles while alternating your feet to the beat of SKA music.
2.a really trashy chick who is either un-clean, slutty, or both.
1. dude last night at the aquabats concert i skanked til i fell over in pain.
2.dude, your mom is such a skank.
by topamonster May 06, 2005
103 80
ghonnoreah,syphalis,herpies,and aids all powder kegged into one std
i heard joseph got ghonasyphaherpalaids from TWEEK
by topamonster May 04, 2005
9 9
the feeling you get when your high from taking topomax.
dude, josh is turning in to the topamonster..this should be good...
by topamonster May 01, 2005
4 5
computer launguage for uhhhh.
computer: ERR: Can You Fly??
Seki-timewalker:dammit...yes! for the last time YES!!!
by topamonster May 09, 2005
9 17
8 or more people doing an activity with thier shoes off.

a band in wich the people act gay.

a giant sex act involving many people who barely know each other.
we had an orgy with orgy last night, then we went and played basketball with our shoes off...
by topamonster May 03, 2005
15 26