18 definitions by titwanker

Definitively, an onanist, one (usually expected to be male) who enjoys unassisted sexual gratification. Colloquially, anybody of whom you have a low opinion.
Tony Blair? Fucking gutless, worthless, complete and utter WANKER!!
by titwanker April 10, 2003
One of only two obscene epithets (see also cocksucker) known by 98% of all living American citizens. The more concise and expressive "CUNT" is preferred by the rest of the English speaking cognoscenti.It conveys more emotion, and of couse, we have many more substitutes available than our war mongering cousins.
"George W. Bush is a retarded murdering motherfucker."
"No, George W. Bush is a retarded murdering CUNT who should be elected President of Iraq today and forced to serve two full terms. Cunting spunk-eating wankbag."
by titwanker May 29, 2003
In the North of England, this describes a worn-out dirtbox, usually one that's spent half a life selling it. Almost exclusively used with the adjective 'old'.
Look at that old slapper. I wouldn't touch her with yours.
by titwanker May 29, 2003
A very unattractive female person.
Look at that disgusting fuckpig!!
by titwanker July 30, 2003

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