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Commonly used as a derogatory term for a chav
Ah, look at that utter wankbag over there!
by Captain Sensible May 21, 2005
a bag of the residue left over after masterbation.
cum in a bag.
a nasty person by association with a nasty,unpleasant thing.
a type of insult.
that guy just robbed my wallet,
what a wank-bag!!!
by informer27 April 05, 2009
A pretentious prick who loves to talk about black and white movies, different coffees, wines from around the world etc. In other words a douche who talks wank. A self indulgent prick, who loves the sound of their own voice.
John: "listen to that prick at the end of the bar talking about how postmodern Damien Hirst is."
Joe: "Yeah, what a wankbag.
by G-wall May 17, 2013
Testicles, veg, spuds, stones etc......
after 41 days in the big brother house, Johnny was in the dairy room complaining his wankbags were almost ready to burst.
by Supercan_1 March 09, 2009
A bag of wank, someone who is useful for nothing else but to collect the sex wee of dirty men.
Literal: "Wow Paris Hilton's a real wankbag in that sex tape"

Everyday: "You know that dude Dan? He totally stole my slushee the other day. What a wankbag."
by Aoife Brady August 26, 2007
Stupid, thoughtless person who need to fire-up their brainless. Also an ignoramus who doesn't think about others
"That guy's such a wank-bag."
by Delicious Manager October 05, 2006
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