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a moron asdfadfs afdafdaf f
stop requiring all fields to be filled in
hello you is a moron
by Tim December 02, 2003
Inmate terminology for Society
When I get out on the line first thing I'm going to do is get some pussy.
by Tim November 15, 2003
the act of smoke pot
wanna play frisbee golf?
by tim February 14, 2005
A word Used by Crips To target all Bloods.
that slob ass nigga. I gots no luv fo em
by Tim September 03, 2004
cool msg boards...i aer teh 1337 ho
Asheron's Call has 1337 /\/\5g boards son
by Tim March 26, 2004
doin what momma taught you not to do. "the dirty"
Mom: smell my dirty butt hole
by tim December 24, 2003
A Hong Kong based singer who sells pork at local butcher shop. He is well known for his girlfriend Hilary Chan.
Eason Chan is a drugo
by Tim October 24, 2004

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