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1) A move exhibited in wrestling, in which you grab ahold of the opponent, arcs your back and thereby slams the opponent into the ground, head first.

2) A sexual position most commonly used within a presbyterian sect in eastern Germany. The members believe the the arced back of the female participant keeps her pure, while also allowing for easy penetration for the involved male. The flow of blood to the head can have effects similar to autoerotic asphyxiation, thus causing pleasure for the female involved.
Hulk Hogan did him in with a suplex

Helga did him in with a suplex
by Le Shad Himself February 06, 2003
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A common move in professional wrestling in which the attacking wrestler grabs in the opponent so their arm in around and over the opponent while their head in by their side. They then grab the arm same sided arm (your on their left side, so you grab their left arm) and drape it over your own head. You then place your hand on their stomach, lift them up vertically and drop them on their back by using their own weight. Many other varitations exist, although said one is the most common/basic.
John Cena performed a suplex on Daniel Bryan
by PsychoMac2 March 31, 2013

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