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An acronym for Oh my god,Becky!
Taken from the song "Baby Got Back"
An expression of suprise.A way to start any sentence. Usually only used by us non-white ppl to make fun of stuck up prepsand valleygirls.
OMGB!You are totally not serious you can not be moving to Oakland!You'll be killed.
by mayazine August 23, 2007
Old Man Gangbang. Slang used in text messaging among teens, usually referring to a sbbq or other sexual gathering where one or more adult men are present.
No fkn way ill be @ the sbbq if Amy's dad's gonna be there, omgb ftl!
by thettrix December 06, 2011
Oh My Gosh Becky!
(look at her butt it is so big... its like out there, she must be one of those rap guys, girlfriends)!
by Jewels May 25, 2004
One man gang bang. A single man with such sexual prowess any partner will feel they are being pleasured by multiple partners.
Afterward she said he was an omgb.
by mtnthc June 10, 2016
An acronym for ‘Oh My Great Britain!’
An expression of surprise and amazement used when you experience an amazing moment in Great Britain.
For example:
“Watching Arsenal at the Emirates! #OMGB”
“Found a Banksy in Bristol! #OMGB"
“#OMGB Closing night at Glastonbury!”
“Shopping in Harrods! #OMGB"
by OMGB March 24, 2016
See pronunciation. An exclamation of surprise, usually used by Australian Lebs.
"OMGB! Check that Supra man! Shit!"
by somerandom August 16, 2003
Its like omg (oh my god/gosh) except its omgb for Oh My Gummy Bears!

It was invented by a girl named Miranda in PA
omgb are you serious???
by Mandy¢¾¢¾¢¾ March 15, 2008
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