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The year that everyone will feel stupid that 12/21/12 failed to happen. And they will move on to the new end of the world, April 2036 where supposedly the meteor, 99942 Apophis, will collide with the Earth.

Person 1: Phew thank goodness planet x never came into orbit. Jesus and the devil never came to earth and Tupac was never a mayan that will rise from the dead. But guess what, a meteor is gonna hit us in 2036! oh noes pack your bags, and everyone build a panic room in your own house. :0

Person 2: Come on you guys are already thinking there's gonna be a ninth end of the world?

Person 1: No, this time it's gonna happen, did you know if you flip the name of the meteor, 99942 Apophis, it has 666 in the name?

Person 2: OH MY GOD, NO, I DIDN'T KNOW THAT! (sarcasm)
Dick Clark: Happy 2013 from times square everyone!

*streets are practically empty because everyone feels so embarrassed to have a crystal ball laugh in their faces with fireworks because they actually thought there was never going to be a 2013.*
by thelogicaldictionary February 04, 2010
Usually a term known as subscribing to someone on youtube, where you click that little yellow button in order to keep track of their newest videos and favorites. However people use it for other reasons such as:

- Trying to be at top of the subscribers list (On a popular channel most likely) to get a lot of views and pretty much a hundred subscribers overnight.
- To try your way at "The person with the most subscriptions" and get easy subs out of that. Many have thousands for example I have 4895 right now. Only a few (Such as classicusernames) have over 50000.
- To put someone at the top on your subscription list, just for a little gift of views and/or subscribers.
Dude i subscribed to "michael jackson" and now i'm at the top next thing i know, i get 350 subs.
by thelogicaldictionary January 18, 2010
a company that promotes some pretty good dubstep and dnb music, mostly on youtube.
harry: hey did you hear that new dubstep track by funtcase?

dick: oh yea, i just heard it on UKF about an hour ago, that was a pretty filthy song.
by thelogicaldictionary May 06, 2011
the reason why music has a confirmed cancer
disney music ruined my childhood
by thelogicaldictionary December 05, 2009
It's may 21, 2011, at 6:00 PM i'm just sitting here eating cereal, pretty apocalyptic, amirite?
On bilboards everywhere, they stay that may 21, 2011 will be the end of the world, one of the scenarios includes humans consuming late breakfast.
by thelogicaldictionary May 21, 2011

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