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30 definitions by the little kid

It is the law that, when dining out, either one person will eat everyone's cole slaw, or nobody eats the cole slaw at all.
When Hibby asked his buddy for his cole slaw, everyone pushed their cole slaw to his side of the table by way of the Cole's Law.
by The Little Kid May 29, 2006
Usually mistaken for panda claws, he is really the Chinese St. Nick.
Panda Claus landed on the roof with his Mitsubishi, and spread joy throughout the neighborhood with gifts of bowls of noodles.
by the Little Kid May 31, 2006
Look at the boobies.
Check the lights on that chick. She got her high-beams on. Boioioioing!!
by the Little Kid May 31, 2006
An exclamation used to yell at slow drivers.
"That stupid fool is going 20 in a 35 zone."
(Pumping fist in the air)
"You Old Man!!! Arrrrggh!!"
by the Little Kid May 31, 2006
The nickname used for genital warts or sores to boost ego, and downplay the whole idea of having an STD.
Fanny: Orville!! What the hell is that little knob on your knob?
Orville: Don't worry about that. It's just genital pimples.
Fanny: Oh. Ok then. As long as it doesn't spread to my armpit.
by the Little Kid June 02, 2006
An erection gone flaccid.
Fatolla got mad at me when my condom fell off. She blamed it on my foot size. I blamed it on my limpo.
by the Little Kid June 02, 2006
The pubes left on a toilet seat.
After taking a piss, Nimbulus realized he was balding when he saw the toilet hair he left behind.
by the Little Kid June 05, 2006