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It is the law that, when dining out, either one person will eat everyone's cole slaw, or nobody eats the cole slaw at all.
When Hibby asked his buddy for his cole slaw, everyone pushed their cole slaw to his side of the table by way of the Cole's Law.
by The Little Kid May 29, 2006
1) interchangeable with the words awesome, amazing, incredible etc

2) a mayo based side dish
1) john: how was that party last night?
ben: it was fucking COLESLAW man!!!

2) seriously wtf is this shit on the side of my plate???
by coleslaw freedom fighter July 19, 2009
Alternative adjective for 'cool', originating from the first syllable of coleslaw's similarity in sound with the word 'cool'.

To be used to describe something in a positive manner.
"I had a brilliant time at that party on Friday."
"Yeah man, it was totally coleslaw!"

"I think that girl's a bit weird, she has an obsession with mayo-related side dishes."
"Nah, I think she's coleslaw."
by Carborundorum July 19, 2009
A side dish or accompaniment to a main dish that is often available in fast food restaurants and other non formal food eateries. It consists of various thinly sliced vegetables such as cabbage and carrot, covered in a mayonnaise. This is where the problem lies with the mayonnaise making it the perfect hiding place for an angry waiters semen.
My coleslaw tastes salty, I reckon he jaffed in it.
by Jaudit July 16, 2009
Something that older people eat to punish themselves for living so long
My 80 year old granny's favourite food is coleslaw. She must hate herself
by Madeleine Milan April 05, 2016
The miscarriage resulting from sex between two cabbage patch dolls.
Oh, dude! Those cabbage patch dolls have been breeding again! There's coleslaw all over my little sister's bed!
by aceya May 05, 2006
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