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A gay man found attractive by women whose gaydar is not working.
"He's just such a good listener!"
"I think he's a Liberace."
"Never mind."
by T. Barr July 10, 2008
Justification for any morally questionable behavior.
"Did you just throw acid in that child's face?"

"Life is short."
by T. Barr July 10, 2008
A student who spebds more class time in the bathroom than in the class for the purposes of avoiding class.
Student 1: "Wasn't that the third time he asked to go to the bathroom today?"

Student 2: "Yeah. Either he's got IBS, or he's a total poopil.
by T. Barr July 10, 2008
A term for someone who one-ups you with a worse story. A bad story-topper.
"Man, last night, someone threw poop on me out of their window."
"Yeah, someone once shot poop at me out of a powerful air rifle. That's why I have a limp."
"Don't Spiderman 4 me."
by T. Barr March 21, 2009
Behavior that exhibits ambivalence towards environmentally sound practices. Typically, the afflicted is unaware of said ambivalence.
"Hop in my new SUV and we can speed over to the recycling center."
"You have serious schizogreenia man."
by T. Barr July 10, 2008
1. An act of betrayal.
2. A traitor to a cause.
1. "Oh, damn I forgot to mention I'm dating your stepmom."
"After I gave you my trust? That's a veggie monster!"

2. "I can't stay for chess club. I'm in the AV club now."
by T. Barr July 10, 2008
A term for particularly bad driving in Jewish areas of New York.
"I guess we're celebrating Honkunah early this year." (honk)
by T. Barr July 10, 2008

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