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adj. Uncharacteristic behavior, particularly selling out. Refers to Liz Phair's recent attempt to reinvent erself as Brtiney Spears.
"Dude, did you catch the new Death cab for Cutie album?"

"Yeah, don't get it. Totally unphair."
by T. Barr July 10, 2008
A grammar term that you do understand except for it's taboo use at the end of sentences.

It's actually not that taboo.
"Where's my preposition at?"
"I've seen that preposition before."
"What is a preposition atop?"
by T. Barr July 10, 2008
A Craigslist term meaning "creepy as hell".
Strictly Platonic:

SWM seeks intimate backrubbing sessions with SBF. Deformities a plus. Just conversation! I've been dumped too many times.
by T. Barr July 10, 2008
1. An electronica band from the 80s.
2. An embarrassing thing to say in a restaurant.
1. "Dude, where were you last night? We were teasing out our hair."
"I teased my hair at the Depeche Mode concert."

2. "How would you like your pie?"
"Depeche Mode, please."
by T. Barr March 21, 2009
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