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A television channel that has the nerve to call themselves music television and music is the only thing the don't play.
when they do play music it's crappy rap like mike jones,missy eliot,and lil jon.
MTV=suckalicious shows like hogan knows best and the real world.
Fuse=The only music channel on TV that plays music.
by supercellchaser September 12, 2005
A storm that produces tornadoes.
That looks like a supercell and the sky is green a tornado may be coming.
by supercellchaser September 12, 2005
A term used by Napoleon Dynamite and me!
a way of saying the "f" word without saying the "f" word.

Gosh,Flippin' idiot!
-Napoleon Dynamite
That guy is a flipping ding dong!
by supercellchaser September 25, 2005
A great book and movie that tells how polar ice cap melting is causing the north atlantic current to weaken and eventally shutdown.

And Yes the north atlantic curren has been weakining and the ice caps are melting cuz of global warming.
The Day After Tomorrow was in theathers May of 2004.
by supercellchaser September 12, 2005
The best show ever!
Has a EXTREMELY hot guy by the name of Tom Welling who plays young Clark Kent.
*also...He has not worn that costume yet(thank goose!)
If you are interested in superman you should watch smallville.
by supercellchaser September 12, 2005
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