61 definitions by sukebe

Having sex with Jenna Jameson and three other porn stars of your choice.
I have enormous balls, Jenna.
by sukebe September 19, 2004
Reference to the scale of a difficult task. Name of a book by Hillary Clinton in reference to raising her daughter.

Also, how many people it will take to clean up the mess George W. Bush made in Iraq.
George W. Bush is an idiot. It takes a village to make him realize that.
by sukebe November 30, 2006
A stick and puck game played on ice.
I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out.
by sukebe December 14, 2006
A funny word that you say with wozzle.
Man: I don't know what you are talking about. Wizzle wozzle.
by sukebe December 02, 2006
The widest river in the world. A man-ish female tribe in mythology. An annoying book selling web site.
It takes so long to buy books from Amazon.
by sukebe December 14, 2006
fucking piece of shit
1: hey what did you get
2: an iphone
1: you fucking piece of shit
by sukebe October 06, 2007
French word for Pope.
Thumbs up to le Pape au Vatican.
by sukebe September 19, 2004

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