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the act of being very, very gay whilst being very, very good at it.
yo, what's up with captain sequin shoes?

dunno, maybe he's a bit touched.

or maybe he's a little butt dart champion.
by stu in the zoo April 25, 2006
the act of having a gay man propped on a stick or other suitable prop.
that faggity ass bitch ran his mouth so fucking much i hads to use lil' rico to make a fagsicle out of his ass.
by stu in the zoo April 25, 2006
an asshole that is such an asshole that calling him an asshole in the correct grammatical context is a disservice to the word asshole.
"that fucking young republican asshole gave the long speech at the neo-con rally on how being gay is a immoral, 100% choice and punishable by eternal damnation then.... we saw him at the nazi meth dealer's house playing dong-hider with guido-mike's hiv shooter."

"that young republican is A Asshole"
by stu in the zoo February 11, 2008
1- non-hetero screwball piano player with a knack for dressing like a clown.

2- anyone who buck's up and goes through life happy despite the fact that everything around them is shit (like being a non-hetero screwball piano player with a knack for dressing like a clown).
"hey timmy, you look down. you okay, girl?"

"yeah, i hooked up with this dude from my youth group last night. he was tossing my salad and i accidentally shit on him."


"yeah, my life is shit but i'm gonna 'liberace' it anyway."

"way to think happy thoughts, timmy."
by stu in the zoo April 30, 2007
god. of god. as in, calvin johnson is god.
<kicks friend in nuts>

"aw fuck, what was that for, god damn it?"

"oh shit, don't you dare bring calvin johnson into this"
by stu in the zoo April 30, 2007
ejaculate. especially when having left in an interesting location.
aw hellz, i banged this trick last night. i aint afraid of aids but i aint havin no kids.... so i pulled out and knutted on her cat.

shit, i was with that same chick last tuesday, she passed out while i was banging her so i left a knutt in her peanut butter jar and went home.

i heard jerome was with this skanktra the other night and dropped a nut on her ipod.


by stu in the zoo April 17, 2007
small opening between a female's legs. sometimes can be hard to find/gain access to. to make sure you're at the right place, multiple drinks can be of assistance. also, recent receipt of moronically materialistic items like jewelry, automobiles, or designer clothing will open the ram hole wide open.

not to be confused with the butt hole. if you find yourself here, you may be the one recently having consumed multiple drinks. you also may be the one who recently received jewelry, cars or clothing. this may be compounded by the fact that you might not be with a woman at all. if this is the case, stop all activity and go to bed.
hey dudes, i was out partying last night and got this stupid bitch super loaded. next thing i know i was at her ram hole.

that was no ram hole.


that wasn't a chick.

fuck. i'm going back to bed.
by stu in the zoo April 17, 2007
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