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complete jackass. whereas a wang is a guy who is moderately an asshole, a wanosaurus rex is a fucking idiot who is the very essense of being an asshole. yes, it is resonable to call the guy "the very essense of being an asshole" there is craft involved with opting instead to call him a wangosaurus rex.
"oh shit, that one dude who keeps wrecking open mic night by doing my chemical romance covers is here.... that dude is a total wang"

"shit, last week he tried to do a fall out boy cover..... on accoustic."

"wangosaurus rex!"
by stu in the zoo March 12, 2007
or "shu"

vagina. not to be confused with "brown shu"
"yo benji, i hope your little sister is on some sort of birth control because i banged her the other night and left a mess in her shoe".

by stu in the zoo January 18, 2007
one who likes to be around balls. at first you might think the person just admires your personality and wit but eventually you will find out he has something for your testicles. he is a nard-hound.
guy - "holy shit mike, in order to get in that midget stripper's pants i started letting her little brother, keith, hang around. i'm putting an end to that as i found him staring at my crotch."

homeboy - "yo, keith is a nard-hound"
by stu in the zoo April 17, 2007
one who likes to makes dicks disappear. a magician of sorts who makes penises vanish in strange places like his mouth or butt.
"like.... holy crap, justin timerlake is so hot. i could totally go Dong Hider on him."

"yeah, too bad Gay Tee only sleeps with straight dudes."
by stu in the zoo February 11, 2008
slang. recently became the official replacement for "polish a turd" in the ever popular phrase "you can't polish a turd".

while you still can't srt-4 a turd, many think that by paying the hourly goons at ye olde dodge factory to glue a turbo-charger to a silly dodge neon engine it will in fact create a glossy finish on a piece of feces. the car is intended for bedwetters and dog dick rubbers who can't afford a real car like a honda s2000, bmw m-series or acura tl type-s or aren't smart enough to properly affix a turbo-charger to a car that isn't already named "neon". the srt-4 phenomenon is basically the same as the 1980's dodge goons putting a faux-leather, glue on top(attempting to look like a convertible) to a dodge aries k-car and calling it a chrysler lebaron. again, this car was very popular with the recently gay but familiar with broke crowd.
"wowie zowie leroy, that white girl you are courting is one seriously ugly girl."

"don't sweat is mister anderson, my sistah works at glamour shots and this saturday we gonna srt-4 her up."

"gee leroy, that's swell. </vomits>"
by stu in the zoo January 19, 2007
a one-night chain of events that has you...

1) realizing you might be gay.
2) "receiving" some anal sex while thinking it might be great.
3) realizing that it sucks
4) realizing you are, indeed, not gay but have some gay dude's dick in your ass.
yo, what's with the limp and the long face?

i crossed over last night. it went from fagtastic to fagnastic in like .83 seconds.


by stu in the zoo February 11, 2008
a one-night chain of events that has you...

1) realizing you might be gay.
2) "receiving" some anal sex and absolutely loving it.
dang, what's up with you wearing all that abercrombie gear?

i met this guy at church camp last night. we went back to my place and he was FAGTASTIC!

by stu in the zoo February 11, 2008

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