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A member of the female sex. A lady.
Following a spot of department store garment liberation:

"Shit man! Der's a damsel in dis dress! No wunda I could nut carry it, you ragamuffin"
by stropmag October 21, 2006
The look of disgust in a person that is reminiscent of the face pulled when eating something very tart, such as a lemon.
When my wife discovered that the paedophoilia charges that she had laid against me would not be pursued as the prosecutor had found them to be baseless she had a face like she was sucking a lemon.
by stropmag July 09, 2010
Rhyming slang for 'prat', a fool, an ineffectual person.
"'Ere, John! Aint that old Muffindamule over there?"

"Nagh, can't be. The paper hat's still banged up for noncin', doin' a three stretch"
by stropmag October 04, 2006
One who enjoys the subsidies offered to farmers for milk production without actually producing any dairy products whatsoever.
"Commissioner, I think I should advise you that we have evidence of a subsidy milker operating out of Germany"
by stropmag October 03, 2006
Surreptitious trade in agricultural produce: buying and selling of agricultural produce that is against the law or official regulations. A common practice within the EU particularly since the rise in popularity of internet based auction sites.
"Hans, how on earth do you think Herr Muffin is going to shift all that reject grade wheat?"

"He'll probably flog it on the green market Gunther, he usually does"
by stropmag November 02, 2006
To purchase a piece of agricultural machinery without the means to pay for it but in the hope that the profits from the yet unharvested crops will provide sufficient to meet the bill.
"I see old Muffin's combine has failed again. God knows wghat he's going to do as the old boy doesn't seem to have a pot to piss in".

"Reckon he'll tractor factor but he's not as skint as he makes out, at least not according to Hans the bank manager".
by stropmag October 29, 2006
To be without a wall to surround one's property in part or in whole by reason of act of God, accident or act of reckless folly.
"Gunter! I see Herr Muffin has become murally challenged!"

"It will be the drink again I expect. Drink and tractors do not make good bed fellows Hans. Always I have said this!"
by stropmag October 29, 2006

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