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even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious,
if you say it loud enough you'll always have precocious,

um diddle diddle diddle dum diddle di
um diddle diddle diddle dum diddle di
lets go fly a kite,
up thriugh tha atmosphere, up where the air is clear' lets go fly a kite and send it soaring
by strobalicious December 06, 2004
used to describe a woman who you'd love to throw it into, or 'strobe'. a ride
jez look at your woman, she's strobalicious
by strobalicious October 14, 2004
descibes someone who is going through a state of tatmosis
she has me tatmatised with those big boobies,
by strobalicious October 14, 2004
japsy being the skanger pronounciation of 'japseye', a part of the penis. this term is usually used as a slag or insult,to rub salt in the wounds.
'ha vinny i beat you in fifa forfit again, up yer japsy, your shite'.
by strobalicious October 14, 2004
when a man and a woman are very much in love they take the next step in their relationship. in order to be as close as they possibly can and be as one the man inserts his willy in the womans vaginal opening and cries openly
what are you doing thats my ice cream leave it alone,tell ma a story. wheres little timmy. who wrote on my newspaper
by strobalicious October 16, 2004

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