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used to describe a woman who you'd love to throw it into, or 'strobe'. a ride
jez look at your woman, she's strobalicious
by strobalicious October 14, 2004
A fine specimen of the female you or anyone like you might see on any given day hanging with Strobe the Probe the famous dirty ole man in Hays Ks that makes Horse's cry or hide their head in shame, A Choice Grade A .
Chas John Boy !! Did you see that "Strobalicious" sitting on the Probe's lap last night????
John Boy Did I??? She was hotter than a crack pipe
by Strobe the Probe March 23, 2009
a bird so fit youd pull yourself off over her shite
johnnys sister was so strobalicious he led the lads smell her knickers
by macky October 21, 2004

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