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The 3rd View gang! see 3rd View
"Damn if one more of my homies gets wacked by the Third View I think I'll kill my self before they get me! Shit here comes stray!"
by stray May 06, 2004
(or Juany)

A short kid with a huge ego who likes rap a lot and aint that bad at it. Kind of cute, but desperately needs attention, also mean to a lot of people.
Wannie's coming!

I slow danced with Juany and my arms were at the level of my chest.
by stray April 16, 2004
1) Something that is just unexplicably wierd in a vulgar, sick, dirty, phantasmagoric or explicit way.

2) A variation of the word wierd.
1) Her home etiquette rules are just wierdofondoso dude.

2) That movie Romero was a sad, wierdofondoso epic of a man who whouldn't have died.
by Stray December 06, 2003
1)A euphamism meaning tortured, raped, victims of rejection, but can also be used to tell someone they are fucked.

2)The best underground death metal band ever to exist. (TIF)
1)You actually got in trouble with Mr. Finklestein for saying 'the chickens are coming?' Dude you are such a Teacup in Flowerland......

2)I am going to listen to that new Teacups In Flowerland demo I got from their concert at the Roxy yesterday.
by stray November 23, 2003
The untalented who follow the talented around, to try and get some talent rubbed off unto their dull, talentless shoulders.
Why the hell would you be a groupie?! Be a roadie instead, you get to handle all the neat guitars, set up lights and tech stuff, and if you *accidentally* get to sleep with one of the bandmates, people won't call you a slut, they'll just say you're friends with benefits....goddamn stereotypes...
by stray September 14, 2004
The 3rd view runs NorCal! Moutain View Bitch!
The Incredible Hulk beat the shit outta my grandpa cuase he gave him a funny look. Then he called his hommie Stray with his 357 and they shot him in the dome. After that The OG and SMF came and skull fucked his wrinkly head.
by Stray May 10, 2004
a hot guy who will never know i exist because me and my friend used to scare him a lot a while back and he is a scorpio so he'll never forget..
ah, why does destiny have to be so cruel sometimes?
by stray April 12, 2004
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