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The guitarist for arguably the best punk band ever, the clash aka the only band that matters. From England. He and bassist Paul Simonon invited Joe Strummer to join their band and then the clash was born. Mick sang some of the band's best songs, Train in Vain, Should I stay or Should I Go, and Lost in the Supermarket. He was kicked out of the clash shortly before they broke up and went on to form the band Big Audio Dynamite. Much later he formed the band Carbon/Silicon.
-Who is the guy from the Clash that looks like Jerry Seinfeld?
-Mick Jones!
by Johnny Vicious December 15, 2008
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The guitarist for the legendary punk band,The Clash.
Born on June 26th,1955 as Michael Geoffery Jones. His mom was Jewish. I don't know if he is. Mick got booted out of The Clash,because of his and Joe's unability to get along,yeah,something like that. Mick kinda did coccaine a bit,and he was a stubborn bastard. He also was anti-violence. YAY MICK JONES RULES!!!!!
"The bestest guitarist in the world is Mick Jones!!!!"
"Gah! You idiot! Not Mike Jones,MICK Jones!"
"Yay Mick Jones rules all!"
by Brandi O. October 12, 2005
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Guitarist of the punk band The Clash. He is also a part-time angry Spanish woman. He is also a part of the band Big Audio Dynamite.
The Clash's guitarist is Mick Jones.
by Haley Dawson April 28, 2011
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