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The name for the negative emotional response caused by being around certain people.
She is so yuk.
by Unrepentantfenianbastard April 01, 2004
3rd Class Cadet, or sophomore, at West Point (USMA). As a yuk, a cadet is finally allowed to voice his/her opinion about life at the Academy. They come off as bitter. Hence, the name.
Yuk: I'm not a plebe, but no one takes me seriously, I still do a lot of the Corps' bitch work, I'm taking 20+ credit hours this semester, and my plebe just failed his APFT, meaning I'll be up doing pt with him every morning. FML

Also, see Yearling
#yearling #cadet #west point #usma #corps
by jimmyboo12 March 12, 2010
A 3rd class cadet at the United States Military Academy.
Stupid yuks are just plebes with priveleges.
#yuk #yearling #plebe #firstie #cow
by Steven Smiley November 03, 2005
The forgotten red headed step child of the corps, normally the most depressed and cynical cadets you will find
And then the Supe said to the Dean, "Fuck the Yuks"
#west point #yearling #sophmore #yuks #the corps
by HanTheMan September 28, 2015
a penis, especially a large one.
Hoe, I'm about to stick my yuk in yo cutty.
#penis #yuk #dick #cock #member
by BigCrunk January 18, 2008
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