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Dude that Bad-ass truck is Fucking yodie
by Steve-o October 22, 2003
The last night of the year in which noone really gives much of a shit about, but almost everyone uses the day as an excuse and tries to get totally wasted and/or laid.
Hey, its what i plan to do!
by Steve-O December 29, 2003
Brought to you from the makers of Disco Day and Dave's Disco Day.

This is a Disco Day taken from your place of work when everyone actually knows your not sick but for some reason just accepts that you're not coming in and does nothing about it.

The evidence of this usually stems from a physical injury sustained over the weekend which allows continued movement and general celebration throughout the weekend but prevents journey to and from your place of work.

The most audacious Disco Day so far.
Tom did a half marathon on Sunday and tweaked a foot muscle. He made it out on the piss on Sunday evening but hasn't been seen at work since. He must be in a great deal of pain to take a Tom's Disco Day.
by Steve-o April 12, 2006
A gay man who spends his day butt fucking other men
Marcos fudge-packs Kumu
by steve-o April 20, 2004
used in an expression to say "no way!" or "holy cow."
ahhhh....hex-e-naw! no way!
by Steve-O June 21, 2004
A curious phenomenon, most commonly exhibited by supporters of Liverpool Football Club, where an individual is completely unable to see the wood from the trees as far as making sensible, unbiased judgements about their football team’s performances is concerned.
The whole world could see that Liverpool were vastly inadequate but the supporters felt robbed and went to bed dreaming of past European victories and 1990s league wins.
by Steve-o May 09, 2005
Something you say when someones acting like a moron, or for whatever reason you would like to say it
God damnit, you stupid bizzle bazzle, stop fuckin around!
by Steve-o April 30, 2003

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