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term used to describe the action of winking and making a figure of a gun with one's fingers.
he gave me the wink and the gun. now, i'm sure i got the job!
by steve-o April 26, 2006
n.:a device including a funnel and 3 ft hose used in consuming a large quantity of beer in a small quantity of time
v.:the act of funneling
Funnel this everclear. It's awesome.
by steve-o October 12, 2003
In self-defense, plant your foot on the other guy's balls and grab his feet (the steering wheel) and while gripping tightly, push down on the gas with your foot.
When Sven attempted to molest me, I applied the German gas pedal to his member and crushed his balls.
by Steve-O April 23, 2003
A great Band from San Francisco that mix Trip-Hop beats with Classical Music and Vocals. The Band Consist of Tina Root- Vocals, Susan Wallace- Synthesizers,Programming,Vocals, Robin Jacobs-Guitars, Bass, Drums Programming.
SBS started in the 1080's and endedin the late 1990's. Currently Tina Root is in her new project the Tre`lux.
The Switchblade Symphony is one of the best gothic band around.
by Steve-o October 21, 2003
a rude and crude person lacking in intelligence and generally disagreeable to be around

cheese engaging in sexual intercourse
"you slept with my mother!?! you fuckcheese!"
by steve-o January 25, 2004
A place outside of Buffalo that has 50% dumbass white kids and 50% smart-ass asians.
I wanted people to think i was smart so i tinted my skin and ductaped my eyes squinty
by Steve-O November 10, 2004
1. someone who takes the fun out of things or stops some sort of shenanigans
Joe was a real buzzkill betty when he stopped the shindig.
by Steve-O June 11, 2004
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