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54 definitions by steve-o

A Donkey Shot or "Don Quichotte" is when someone's doing a chick from behind and as he's about to bust, punches the chick in the side so she clenches up.
I was having a hard time finishing so I gave her a DONKEY SHOT and that tightend her up enough for me.
by steve-o June 14, 2006
A Man who munches to much, mainly in the butt section of the restaurant.
Disco, you're such a Munch-man!
by Steve-o December 22, 2004
The act of englufing someone's head with one's breasts.
omg my roommate just smuggled me with her enormosly large boobs
by steve-o November 30, 2004
the one who pwns everyone in RenAlert
quote RenX - "I pwn j00"
by Steve-o December 18, 2003
A game where an individual can escape his nerdy ways/reality and become L337.
I haven't been outside in 9 weeks, because I play everquest all day. My skin is so pasty and I have no life. "Want to cyber? Asl? 4/f/turkey?"
by Steve-o July 27, 2003
Another way to say that you are going to take a piss.
"I'm going to make chi"
by Steve-O February 06, 2005
Trogdor The Burninator. Serpent Dragon.

He burninates
Trogdor Burninated my home
by Steve-O June 18, 2003