19 definitions by stackattack

to take a shit in ones body wash bottle.
you smell like shit" "yeah someone chocolate lathered me
by stackattack January 07, 2011
to take a shit in your freinds condom so when he goes for that great moment you totally ruin it.
haha yeah i did a chocolate jimmy to randall twice last year" "yeah he kinda deserved it though his name is randall
by stackattack February 07, 2011
to dye easter eggs with your seamen (via masturbating) and color dye
hey its easter tommarow" oh shit yeah that means i got to go easterbating today
by stackattack April 21, 2011
to take a massive shit in ones mouth then sowe his/her's lips shut.
"that guy is a dick." "yeah we should give him a chocolate pie.
by stackattack January 01, 2011
to take a shit on ones head.
you wanna collins me?"......."NO" "no you come over here and you take a shit on my head.
by stackattack January 07, 2011

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