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Combination of the Latin word doofus, meaning an incompetent tool and the word goofy. A goofy doofus.
Finn, Meadow Soprano's doofy boyfriend, saw Vito giving a hummer to a security guard.
by Stace June 08, 2004
an extreemly cute (baby like) person. generally a cute friend or a baby or kid you see whildt walking down the street.
oh my god!! look at that little shnookum in his pram!
by stace December 11, 2003
someone who is really hot
omg, look at that guy! his totally salty goodness
by stace September 09, 2003
something that a friend does that is really cute (preferebly said in high pitched voice)
see shnookum
awwww that face you made was soooo shnooksy
by stace December 11, 2003
Extra Retarded
from Fantastic and spastic
That Music is fanspastic
by stace September 04, 2003
Gifts of an illegal or sexual nature.
"what party packers shall I bring to your Shin dig?"
by stace September 16, 2003
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