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4 definitions by spoofy

tomming is a word used to describe a pervert in the act of peeping at someone getting changed
man #1: dude are you tomming on my wife?
man #2: ....er..yeah
man #1:...cool
by spoofy March 31, 2005
a word used commonly and randomly by chavs. Basically it means shut up.
hush your gums you silly little rotter or i will bang you wooooooooooooh and waht?
by spoofy March 30, 2005
This happens during the course of anal sex, the reciever takes a dump on the giver's penis while it is inserted into his anus.
"dude you're dad is so gay i saw him fudging the coach."
by spoofy March 30, 2005
it's another word for has plain and simple ...or maybe i just made it up? you'll never know. but seriously i didn't it's a common term used in new castle dont hate dont hate
can i have half an ounce of block please?
by spoofy March 31, 2005