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to perform the wet luigi, you must first approach a target undetected. Then, in a fluid motion, pull down that person's pants, spread they bum-cheeks, and spit inside their booty. Lastly, pull the receiver's pants back up and kick the extremely hard in the ass. Extremely good for kicking people out of houses or cars.
She was pissing me off so I kicked her out, but when she was leaving, I gave her a wet luigi.
by Spoof January 26, 2005
a prize awarded to the biggest shandy ass, the lazyiest bitch and the most uneventful, cartoon collecting teenager...who cant be assed walking 20 yards to the pub.
congratulations, you've won tonights nicky t award for being a little bitch
by spoof June 07, 2003
Lunchbag is the act of taking a shit in a paper (or garbage) bag, and then proceding to beat the wo/man with it.

Also can be used as an adjective.
"Yo, ballz, I just lunchbaged that ho over there."

As an adjective:
"AW SHIT, We are so lunchbaged man!"
by Spoof March 06, 2003
1: Richie Day
2: A ring shaped object
Oi Gilbert put down that can of stella, you Donut.
by Spoof February 07, 2004
When make die-reha straight up in the air and it hits people.
"I'mma bomb sauce them bitches down dere from the awning.
by spoof February 29, 2004
After smoking ten blunts, thus smoking two blizzies, you have unleashed a blizzard.
"Shit, baby, I smoked so much last night, it was a fucking blizzard."
by Spoof January 25, 2005
Getting a blumpkin while taking a die-reah and then back-flip kicking the shit out the bitch like Charlie from Street Fighter Alpha so she hits the ceiling. 10 more points if she lands in the toilet. Don't forget to scream "KUNGFU!!!!"
Some ho-bag was ho-baggin me while giving me a blumpkin, so I switched up and made it a rumple blumpkin.
by Spoof January 22, 2005
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