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An assassination performed in Essex.
Yo bruv did ya here dat Gary McDaveDave got essexinated last night? We are a county of essexination bruv.
by splint0r January 23, 2009
To take something and morph it into something very essex, that cannot be accepted amongst normal cultures.
Burberry was once a premium brand until it go Essexisised!
by splint0r January 21, 2009
Looking absolutely fabulous whilst spangled.
She looked absolutely spangulous raving last night!
by splint0r November 18, 2009
Application of make up, as in foundation onto the face of a man. Similar to 'guyliner', being eye liner for men.
My complexion isn't looking so good right now, I need to even out the flaws with some mandation.
by splint0r July 21, 2012
Fatty id like to fuck.
I'd totally do that oversized filf.
by splint0r July 05, 2009
A cocktail of mdma and ketamine.
Person 1: Fancy snorting this leeroy mate? Person 2: What's in it though? Person 1: md & ket. Person 2: Sure thing!
by splint0r January 03, 2011
Potential id like to fuck
There's potential there, definate PILF!
by splint0r July 05, 2009

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