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see the definition for towson
i'm from noswot, the prep capital of the world.
by spanky April 03, 2005
another word used for lesbian; carpet muncher; dyke female that does not like penis
Sara and Catherine are flat cockers
by SpAnKy December 07, 2003
Fresh and Delicious!!!
hey girl you lookin frelicious tonight...
by Spanky September 28, 2003
busted, it's two o damn clock in the morning where you been?
baby didn't you get my two-way, i was with my girl friends.
an awesome isley brothers song
by spanky December 18, 2003
a person that uses illegal substances e.g pot
oi druggy u got ne blow?
by spanky August 25, 2003
A punk rock band from Northern California.
I like that new song, "Girlfriend Likes Girls," by Stunt Monkey.
by Spanky July 10, 2003
anything wicked cool or heavily under the influence of mind altering drugs or being reel wiped out.
i am maxed out.

special effects are maxed out.

Woah, that was maxed out.
by spanky May 25, 2003
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