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6 definitions by somedeadguy

Referance to kathy Lee's male organ.
A funny way to define a female with male genitals.
That chick touched me with her Kathy Lee Pee Pee.
by somedeadguy March 21, 2007
When the "crabs" and the "lice" on your genital bush mate and have children and turn into a super parisite. Very Devistating to your genital skin.
That motherfucker gave me the crablouse and it hurts. BBBAAADDD.
by somedeadguy March 21, 2007
An afro american from the deep south that would be in a blacksplotation remake of deliverance.
Also a lazy black guy
a person of negro origin that has the caracteristics and mannerisms of a hillbilly
Another name for a southern nigger
That niggerbilly told me to squeal like a piggy
by somedeadguy March 21, 2007
When a male uses afro sheen to "Lube Up"
I fucked that chick with a slick prick.
by somedeadguy March 21, 2007
A bitch's nipples that when erect the areola looks like scars from a burn.
When I licked that bitch's nipples they turned into burn scars.
by somedeadguy March 21, 2007
A mutant baby spawned from butt sex usaully between two hillbilly males.
An unnatural ocurrance where a baby is concieved in the anal cavity of a hillbilly male or female usally occuring in the deep south
Cousins Jethro and Billy Bob had a hillbilly butt baby. Should we send a card?
by somedeadguy March 21, 2007