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When the "crabs" and the "lice" on your genital bush mate and have children and turn into a super parisite. Very Devistating to your genital skin.
That motherfucker gave me the crablouse and it hurts. BBBAAADDD.
by somedeadguy March 21, 2007
Referance to kathy Lee's male organ.
A funny way to define a female with male genitals.
That chick touched me with her Kathy Lee Pee Pee.
by somedeadguy March 21, 2007
An afro american from the deep south that would be in a blacksplotation remake of deliverance.
Also a lazy black guy
a person of negro origin that has the caracteristics and mannerisms of a hillbilly
Another name for a southern nigger
That niggerbilly told me to squeal like a piggy
by somedeadguy March 21, 2007
A bitch's nipples that when erect the areola looks like scars from a burn.
When I licked that bitch's nipples they turned into burn scars.
by somedeadguy March 21, 2007
A mutant baby spawned from butt sex usaully between two hillbilly males.
An unnatural ocurrance where a baby is concieved in the anal cavity of a hillbilly male or female usally occuring in the deep south
Cousins Jethro and Billy Bob had a hillbilly butt baby. Should we send a card?
by somedeadguy March 21, 2007
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