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When you do something so punx rox
Sheena is so hardxcorexavril with all her sex pistols and rancid patches that she has safety pinned on her dickies bag. She likes to go up to random people and moo at them.
by snootch87 March 01, 2005
nummuch equals nothing much
person 1: wassap
person 2: nummuch u
by snootch87 February 23, 2005
sup, ^=up+s
shorter way of saying hello what is up
person 1: s^
person 2: yo nm u
by snootch87 March 07, 2005
what june gloom from sick animations says when her son is having a hard time getting hard
tanya: yo i think your dog is constipated
mike: come here roxi, "let mommy use her fingers"
by snootch87 July 24, 2008
you know when you buy kraft shredded cheese from the market because you wanna make tacos or nachos and you pull the cheese out of the bag and it's like,, chalky? yea that's it
shredded nacho cheese chalk

marshmallows are kinda chalky too now that i think about it
by snootch87 July 24, 2008
"cover me"

something you say when you are trying to light a joint or a cigarette and the wind is blowing too hard so it's hard to keep the lighter on and instead of actually blocking the wind by hovering over their face, you hover over their private parts
tanya: omfg hurricane katrina status right now... "cover me"
mike: *throws a towel over her boobs*
by snootch87 July 24, 2008
the way asians with thick azn accents say how many? source: jerky boys

it can mean other things too; what, wtf, dr. octopus' tentacles, hot meat, brandon, andy, andy's braces, gangster thugs, mom i want something, etc
actual jerky boys part:

chinese woman: goldei(golden) how(house) china!
jerky boy: chickety china!
chinese woman: wha??
jerky boy: chickey china?
chinese woman: wha??
jerky boy: the chinese chicken?
chinese woman: sorri no hav
jerky boy: you get a drum stick?
chinese woman: errr no golde how china no have
jerky boy: and your brain starts tickin'?
chinese woman: hami? hami you like?
by snootch87 March 07, 2005

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