Blue; another word to distinguish the color. Also a substitute for any names with the initials B.Lu.
Brian Lu is also known as B.Lu but some of us call him Indigo.
by Bloolegard February 17, 2009
- Smoke emitting from marijuana.
- Purple Haze
Pass the Indigo cuz.
My head is bumpin' blaze the purple haze and let loose the indigo.
by Silkmagnolia September 22, 2005
1: A deep blue or purple color. Commonly indigo is used to describe any dark blue color. Usually it precedes the word "colored".
2: Universal term for an indigo child- a child who is believed to have special social powers. Usually these children are nothing more than victims of ADD or ADHD.
3: A term used for some types of drugs.
1: She was wearing an indigo colored blouse.
2: Carol thinks her son is an indigo.
3: He sells top quality indigo.
by Hesitation November 11, 2006
1. A color often mistaken for Purple, it is a combination of blue and purple.

2. A characteristic meaning a unique way of awesome.
1: The purple rays of light were seen on the opposite side of the horizon during the sunset.

2: The new class president is so indigo.
by Vondamor May 13, 2011
Verb: The act of skipping around barefoot with your head in the clouds.

Noun: Someone who is given to sudden day-dreaming, sings at the top of their voice when they think no one is around, replies to the chatter of birds, and is often barefoot.

Adjective: To describe a dark blue color. The color between blue and violet in the rainbow.
Verb: I often indigo on my way to school.

Noun: I saw her bowing to a tree and singing jazz and immediately knew she was an indigo.

Adj: We spent the night gazing at the indigo sky pierced with countless stars.
by Blue Rose March 10, 2010
a color that is close to blue-viloet. A mix of blue and purple. A color in the rainbow. Sometimes referred to as a type of dog.
My shirt is the color Indigo!
by guardkitty May 30, 2009
A mixture of indian and black porn. Usually gay.
Go watch some Indigo!
Don't be watchin' Indigo on my computer.
Did you see that Indigo? That was some pretty nasty shit.
You know about Indigo? It's like a lion beating a bush.
by JokerMax August 09, 2011

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