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greatest puerto rican mc of all time
"just ask mike!"
"mike who?"
by snoopid September 14, 2004
a substance composed chiefly of the excrement of seafowl and used as a fertilizer; aka bat sh!t
watch "ace ventura 2"
by snoopid September 13, 2004
13 grade aka HACC aka Harrisburg Community College
Nick D. goes to Stanford and isn't smart enough for the 13th grade. So go back to wackin your pud cracka.
by snoopid December 11, 2003
word used to imitate a dog bark
"Lemme hear ya say, Woof mothafucka.. Woof mothafucka.. bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay"
by snoopid September 14, 2004
decent music.. you'll know if you see him dance
M - A - Dolla Sign - E
by snoopid September 14, 2004
Banana with a Reddish color
"you know on a stoplight green means go and yellow means yield? well on a banana its tha exact opposite. green means WHOA! hold on, yellow means go right ahead, and red means where tha fuck you get that banana at!"
by snoopid September 14, 2004
when you are more than high
"Lemme know if you lookin for smoke, I know tha weedman, coke man, niggas wit dope lets get supa high!"

if a nigga spell it, it lead me to who sell it, James Bond shit police be too jealous
by snoopid September 14, 2004

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