Top Definition
Internet short hand for “have to poop”
“Holly crap! I’m prairie doggin,I HTP”
by Moe Fizz May 08, 2006
Hitting The Pussy
reference to a man asking another or suggesting that they have sex with a women
Joe-Man i dont know what to do about that girl
Jarryd- screw it man just H.T.P that shit and get the hell out of their
by TTCCP September 09, 2007
Here To Play
The party starts at noon on Sunday. Please bring the booze of your choice and an HTP attitude.
by kuhnap August 30, 2010
a ancronym that stands for "hack the planet" based on the '94 movie "Hackers" with Jo-lee
yo, peace, and HTP!!!
by Andy the Longshot November 20, 2003

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