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The ability to achieve equal measures of Wankisfaction with either the right or the left hand.
Ben: Mate Khaiyyam broke his arm the other day, he is screwed because it's his wanking hand as well.

Josh: Should be Wankbidextrous like me then shouldn't he!
by snatchbandit March 24, 2010
The satisfaction achieved through self pleasure.
Man i'm wankbidextrous, i get equal amounts of Wankisfaction from both hands.
by snatchbandit March 24, 2010
Sometimes referred to as a tramp's duvet or a child's piss stained blanket.
Hey Phil, check that guy curled up on the street in his pissblanket.

Mom, do i really have to wash my own pissblanket?? Can't you do it?
by snatchbandit February 10, 2010
the exposure of male genitalia in a public place, most commonly public transport. Eg a train, bus, taxi etc...

The first person to then notice this unusual display then gets a slap and "MR PLUMS SURPRISE" shouted loudly at their face.
Person: hey john, that guy has his balls out.


by snatchbandit February 10, 2010
A small ball of jizz left under the foreskin after a wank the previous night due to insufficient cleaning.
Serioulsy though John, got in the shower this morning had a serious wankbogey wasn't pleasant.
by snatchbandit March 24, 2010
The sharing of masturbation tips via a wireless network!
Mate send me that thing you were talking about... wanktooth it ennit!
by snatchbandit March 24, 2010
New form technology that has allowed the art of masturbation to be achieved... HANDSFREE!!!!
You got hold of that new Wanknology yet? It's like a stranger is doing it!!
by snatchbandit March 24, 2010

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