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Innit is the question. Ennit is the answer, used to indicate agreement. It can also be used without the "innit" question.
- Innit?
- Ennit.

- School sucks man.
- Ennit.
by Doug Neal May 19, 2004
A word used by townies/chavs/pikies and is usually a word to agree with another person's comment.
Townie 1: alright mate
Townie 2: yeh im just chillin
Townie 1: Those shox are blingin
Townie 2: Ennit mate!
by kate miller December 08, 2004
answer to the word innit.

rudey: Dis is well good innit?

molly: yeah i know ennit.
Oriteee, ent dis galdem peng innit?

yeah it izz ennit
by Rudey2kx January 07, 2010
North-English slang for "anything".
Is there ennit I can do to help?
Nah, there's nowt wrong to begin with.
by Jimminy Billybob July 10, 2008
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