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The act of someone willingly making a sacrifice for the benefit of others.
There wasn't enough room in the car, so Jerry decided to take one for the team and stayed behind while the reast of us went to the big concert.

"Man, Jerry warned us that movie would suck, so he went to go see it before the rest of us just to make sure, and man was he right."
"Yeah man, he can really take one for the team.
by TheKoW November 03, 2006
an act where one brave soul in your group of male friends hits on the Nottie of a group of hotties so his friends can get their slide on later on that night. taking one for the team usually involves just talking to the nottie and laughing at her jokes and complimenting her (horrid) appearance, but it may be necessary to appease the nottie by getting your wacka wacka on with her...back at her place of course, so your roomates never see her.
yeah, i was totally working up my conversation with number one hottie when her nottie roomate showed up (again!), so i had to to have joey take one for the team.
by rizosh July 15, 2001
to allow yourself to get hit by a pitch in order to improve your team's chances of winning a baseball team.
Johnny, I know you can do it. You've struck out every at-bat this season and you really suck, obviously, so get out there and take one for the team!
by Nick D February 27, 2003
The act of taking the obese chick in a bunch of hot chicks, so the the other guys can get laid. Unfortunately, there are very few men who will take one for the team, and with good reason. If you find one, let me know.
Champ over there gets to take one for the team, this time
by ... November 29, 2003
Make a suicide rush into a mass of enemies as a distraction (mostly used in online games ex. Halo 2)
I'm gonna take one for the team, guys!
by Fuzzz April 08, 2005
See: "Fall on the grenade."
Take one for the team so we can fuck these other chicks!
by Raymond September 09, 2003
1) When the spouse (y) of person (x) has sex with the person (x) so as to improve the overall demeanor and attitude of said person (x)


2) The brave act of one person buying a Woot Killer item so as to advance the Woot off for the benefit of others
1) "Wow, that lawyer Terri is being such a beotch! We should call her husband and tell him to take one for the team!"

2) "Oh crap! It's another Roomba on Woot! Somebody take one for the team and get rid of it!"
by Jessica Crisler January 25, 2008

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