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political and media term derived from the strategy of unfair and unbalanced media reporting solely for the purpose of killing any candidate that does not agree with the big business mantra. Derivation orignally from FOX network. Present tense "foxing." While it is the global big business interest pulling the strings, terms such as "gay marriage," "illegal aliens," "tax and spend liberal" and "abortion" are used as buzz words in foxing a candidate, while big business uses the buzz word "conservative" to conceal it's real identity.
Obama's been foxed all month.
by snappy2 March 30, 2008
marrying above what you deserve.
The dude way overmarried. She's a 9 or 10 in all important categories and he's a 4 to 5 at best. Lucky bastard.
by snappy2 May 09, 2008
the disease of desiring to acquire.
Suzie shops to shop. She doesn't need anything. She's got acquisitionitis.
Julie's a collector. She keeps buying more and more. She has acquisitionitis.
by snappy2 April 27, 2008
bareback blow job to completion in mouth with swallow. A blow job without a condom where the dude cums in the chick's mouth and then the cum is swallowed
she loves bbbjtcims. she sticks out her tongue, gulps it down, and then licks her lips.
by snappy2 February 25, 2008
a belief system based upon the biblical story of creationism, versus the science of dinosaurs once roaming the earth...like the ones whose bones are in museums, and based upon a loose interpretation of the Bible to justify killing polar bears, aerial hunting of wolves, and spouting falsehoods for the sole purpose of getting elected to political office to further Christianize the planet and prepare for the Apocalyptic Prophesy.
Denying man contributes to global warming, lying about visiting Iraq and Ireland, and lying about scandals in Alaskan politics is all part of Palintology.
by snappy2 September 14, 2008
get ready for some physical action. from football and strapping on a helmet before intense action.
hey homeboy, strap it on and let's go.
hey baby, strap it on and ride me.
by snappy2 February 25, 2008
a chick with a tight well toned body from riding a spinner bike.
Damn that chick's got a smokin spinner body. She can strap it on my bike and ride me any time.
by snappy2 February 25, 2008

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