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3 definitions by sn_akeyes

1. Derived from the french language, an other word for pussy, with a little added, je ne sais quoi?
2. A classy insult.
1. That was one nice pussoir.
2. That man is a bonified pussoir for not showing up today.
by sn_akeyes December 09, 2005
29 9
An Italian american word combining two simple words "Stupid (stu)" and "Balls (gats)". Often heard on the hit TV show " The Sopranos". Tony uses it alot in his dialect.
1. Richie: You and that fucking association with that cocksucker Baron wont let my cock fucking expand.
Tony: You fucking stugats, i dont care if your dealing for walmart.
2. Marc : Eh, you gonna go to the club or no?
Mike & Andrew: You fucking stugàts.
by sn_akeyes December 12, 2005
41 46
1. A band of cough medecin.
2. A lame attempt by this company to get people to remember their name by making it the "bless you for coughs". (yet for some reason it works)
1. I drank some robitussin to get rid of that nasty cold.
2. person 1: cough cough cough!!!!!
person 2: ROBITUSSIN!!!!
by sn_akeyes December 09, 2005
31 81