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A word used by people who don't know the proper spelling of "bona fide", like Sheila Marikar of ABC News.
"The movie made$31 million in its opening weekend and transforming "Grey's Anatomy's" Katherine Heigl into a bonified movie star"
by jack May 14, 2008
Slang, meaning definately, truely, or for certain.
I'm a bonified band geek, yo.
by BuBbLeZ November 06, 2005
1. adj. a misspelling of bona fide.

2. v. (archaic) the past participle of bonify, which means "to make good".
1. This says, "Katherine Heigl into a bonified movie star." I guess that means that most movie stars are pretty bad.

2. Darth Vader is bonified by his son, Luke Skywalker.
by kadatz May 17, 2010
The act of being boned and then feeling satisfied.
Dude, yesterday I totally boned miley cyrus, it was awesome.


Yeahhh, it was great.

Did she like it?

Well I knew she did when she said, " Omg, baby you left me bonified.
by melissa675893 February 15, 2010
When something is so amazing that it gives you a boner.
Mostly applies to males.
Mark: Man that movie was so bonified.
Tom: It was that good eh?
Mark: Oh yeah I got the biggest boner right there in the theatre.
by sXe vGe March 09, 2010
Incurable, incorrigable, hardened

Formed as a contamination of 'bone' and the suffix '-ify', seemingly analogous to 'petrify' or 'ossify', but consisting of a Germanic stem and a suffix of Latin origin.
Dave is a bonified mouse virgin. I’m going to have to give him a sumptuous feast that’ll have him licking his lips.
by JanTH November 09, 2011
to explain that you have a boner.
"Dude im bonified right now!"
by SuperBang69 May 24, 2009

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