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11 definitions by skypie

An individual who uses facebook to constantly promote themselves. This person has around 2500 friends and usually calls them his "gang" or "posse" even though these people are all virtual and are not real friends. The individual will post time again how great everything about their life is, even though it is fantasy lies. An insecure, weak minded facebook addict.
facebooker#1: That guy Les is always posting his greatness on the wall, what an idiot!

facebooker#2: Yeah, to be an elementary school principal, he sure is a facebook prima donna.
by skypie August 06, 2011
A person who is in the field of education as a teacher or administrator, but hates everything about education. This includes students, other teachers, administrators, custodians, coaches, school buses, etc............
School administrator #1: Les is such a bad elementary principal, he hates all the kids, his teachers, and other building administrators. why did he choose education as an occupation?

School administrator #2: Guess he is just an eduhater.
by skypie March 21, 2011
Relative to the word "invertebrate". A boss or leader who has no spine to make tough decisions or stand their ground when confrontations arise. This leader will be influenced by the slightest pressure and will fold their stance instead of holding firm to believed opinions. A title holder with no self respect.
"I can't believe Urban Dictionary rejected my added definition of inverteboss. Guess it didn't have enough obscenities or sexual innuendos included in the description".
by skypie August 02, 2011
A situation or place that produces the elements of drama, rumor, fiction, and nonsense. These elements are mixed together in such a way as to cause any rational thinking person to avoid this situation or place.
Traveler #1: What place is that we just drove through?

Traveler #2: Pawhuska, Oklahoma. I hear that place is a horse shit casserole.
by skypie June 26, 2011
An individual who cannot think for themselves. They ask for assistance to make decisions from others, but rarely if ever follow their advice. A very weak minded person who constantly complains about their situation, but cannot find any solutions to change it. A pussy headed idiot.
Student #1: Wow! That junior high principal seems lost and can't figure out the policies in the school handbook.

Student#2: Yeah, Mr. Culver is a real limp brain. He needs to go back and work at DHS with Clifton.
by skypie July 25, 2011
A system of education where females are in total authoritarian control. Usually a school system characterized by the superintendent, executive staff, and building principals comprised of all women. Men are the employed minority and usually hold subordinate positions.
Male teacher #1: Wow! This school we just got employed by is made up of all female administrators. How will we survive this environment?

Male teacher #2: We are in big trouble. I guess we will just have to accept the fact that this type of school is system of estrocation.
by skypie August 11, 2011
A school system where all decisions are political and renders the entire educational environment stagnant and regressive. An atmosphere characterized by an uneducated school board who makes decisions based on what is politically popular than what is correct for children.
This type of mindset and action leaves the system in a hopeless state of confusion.
Teacher#1: "What is the name of that school where the school board is the laughing stock of Oklahoma?"

Teacher#2: "Pawhuska, Oklahoma. That place is nothing but a mess of good old boy politics."

Teacher#1: "What a politischool crap hole!"
by skypie October 11, 2011