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one that likes to fuck dead bodies.
damn, that zoophagus is such a necrophiliac!
by Siphon April 03, 2003
The extreme state of the word fag. Used when the word fag cannot accurately desribe the severity of the situation.
Wow, what a faagot.
He is the biggest faag I have ever seen.
What a faag! Leave now!
How is it possible to be such a faag?
by Siphon September 17, 2005
(latin) one that is treacherous; decietful; cunning; secretive
One that is an Infidus is one that should not be trusted.
by Siphon April 03, 2003
a deep and passionate loathing; to despise; something that is felt by every person in the world; very conclusive hatred
I really hate that stupid bitch. She's a real hater!
by Siphon April 03, 2003
the language of white kids in Somers who think they are black.
Me: What language do you guys speak?
Some Wigger: Yo, I speak Blinglish
by siphon April 04, 2003
the feeling you have after a great fuck.
Damn, that shit made me happy!
by Siphon April 01, 2003
one who enjoys both the physical and social aspects of having a girl-friend...
search "eat out"
by siphon April 04, 2003
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