12 definitions by simone

Neets who has lesbian tendancies
Simon is such a gaybo
by Simone May 25, 2004
For some reason nobody but her knows she isn´t able to take her chance. Too bad for her, too bad for Marshall, too bad for Hailie Jade!
by Simone August 28, 2003
to have a wide, plumb, large behind
Tiffany's butt got phatt over the summer
by Simone November 01, 2003
an aperitif served in Spain and Portugal, which is made of equal parts white port and tonic water. served over ice with a twist of lemon, it's popular with the natives.

Hombre 1: Hey, hombre, want a splash before dinner?
Hombre 2: sounds good...but mi amigo, is that not the same as a portonic?
Hombre 1: no way hombre, the portonic, it have a slice of lemon, the splash, it have a twist of lemon.
Hombre 2: o! comprendo!
by Simone March 01, 2005
the crapper, the shit hole, and the asscrack between mass and connecticut. he city shuts down at 8pm, the clubs close at 1:30 on the weekends. a bunch of colleges...theres JWU, Brown, RISD, URI, CCRI, roger williams, salve regina, stupid PC...and bunch of others i know i am forgetting...there's shit to do in this place, also it is overrun by stupid high schoolers that all look and dress the same...
god rhode island sucks...a day in rhode island is a day wasted...
by Simone May 06, 2005

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