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a neagron is a black transformer.

can take shape of a pimp mobile when it is in its un-transformed shape. very deadly and will eventually pop a cap.
WOAH!! dude look at that pimp mobile

that aint no pimp mobile is a neagron

by shaneisCHAOS February 10, 2008
to be a smartass. to say something to someone that would come across as you looking like a smartass. another term is sasspot.
dad: son come get some dinner
son: why dont you bring it up to me!
dad: *mumbles* wow your being so smartassish
by shaneisCHAOS April 03, 2008
a drink that only a true man will drink consisting of a guys cum and a girls vaginal secretions added with some ice cream that will surely leaving you full and aids positive. also known as the "giz drink"
oh damn that guy just drank some of my manshake

dude, that is DISGUSTING

hey but he's a man now
by shaneisCHAOS December 12, 2007
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