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Noun. A person who is smartass-ish in nature yet extremely bold and inappropriate.
Hey Billy, don't be such a sasspot!!
#sassy #sassnut #saucey #smartass #witty
by Kalie Rogan November 04, 2006
To call someone a sasspot is to acknowledge that they are being a difficult smart ass, and that you are inherently charmed by that quality.
Callan: What was going on their?

Max: Oh, not too much. That reminds me though, next time you're at the store can you pick up some grammar? I think you're out.

Callan: Sasspot.
#sass #smartass #sassy #charming #difficult
by maxer64 September 24, 2008
a woman full of sassy-ness. extremely sassy.
out with that sasspot
#chic #fashionable #sexy #lively #flirtatious
by ColleenMolly January 13, 2007
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